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Data Deduplication Software


What is Database Deduplication Software?

A database deduplication software is an advanced database maintenance tool which is mainly used to remove duplicates in any set of database.

What is the need for a database deduplication software?

Duplicates in a database cause havoc to any organization. This is because, any corporate organization fully depend on their respective database for activities like marketing, research and development, surveys etc. So if the database is affected by duplicates then the above said process becomes ineffective and finally ends up in waste of time and money. Also they heavily affect the trust and credibility of the company.

Who needs database deduplication software?

The need for a database deduplication software ranges from an individual to big corporate enterprise who handle database to ensure the accuracy of their data.

What are the main functions of a database deduplication software?

A database deduplication software audits the database, checks for any data duplicates, incorrect, irrelevant data items and fixes them.

How DataMatch 2014 stands out from the other database deduplication software in the market?

DataMatch 2014 from Dataladder is a unique solution for database deduplication. It is easy to use, affordable database deduplication software tool. DataMatch 2014 has several unique features which makes database deduplication process simple and effective. The features include advanced name and company deduplication, fuzzy and pattern matching systems, advanced telephone number matching and nationality cum gender identification techniques.

Does DataLadder offer free trial for DataMatch 2014?

Yes, you can now download this easy to use but powerful database deduplication sofware for free trial below.