Do you really understand the cornerstones of marketing your business? What it takes to drive business and ultimately rake in profits? If there’s one thing companies are starting to see today, it’s that data is increasingly becoming an important part of the marketing toolkit. If an organization can effectively manage this data through a marketing campaign, it can yield amazing results!
, 4 Data Principles That Will Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing campaigns, especially direct mail, depend on accurate data.  Business gathers enormous amounts of data through digital networks and online presence.   This data is used to manage every part of modern business, from sales to customer service.  The necessary information is at their fingertips, but business does not necessarily have the ability to refine and access the data. Understanding how to manage and interpret the data is now a significant factor for business success.
When using accurate data, organizations can get the most effective response from their clients and potential customers, thus maximize their marketing potential. With these concepts in mind, let’s look at the 4 data principles that will energize your marketing campaign.

  1. Data Profiling – Assessing the quality, composition and organization of databases.
  2. Data Quality – Known as data cleansing. Takes the profiled data and establishes rules to fix the data.
  3. Data Integration – Merging, linking or merging relationships with existing data.
  4. Data Augmentation – Supplementing existing data with external data sources and services.

The facts are that no one business can ensure their data is 100% absolute perfection, but with the right data quality program and data cleansing software, they will have reduced their errors as close as possible.  This is especially crucial for companies who utilize a direct mail marketing campaign, where the cost of return to sender items is $3 dollars each. At that rate, a campaign can be quickly sunk due to sloppy data considerations.  When you look at the ROI of your campaign, you can measure whether a strategic data management plan is required.
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