So, with the thousands of records a typical company database may have at any given time, how does one sort through the duplicates that might exist? How does one know whether Karoline Smith may also be Karol Smith? Well, let fuzzy matching software do the work.
While it may not be a familiar term to the office manager or administrator overseeing an email marketing campaign, fuzzy matching is certainly a key component of any data cleaning program. Using advanced algorithms that determine similarities between sets of data, results are neither true nor false. Fuzzy matching software relies on a set of parameters that finds terms related to query terms.
A sophisticated tool in the data cleaning arsenal, fuzzy matching software uses processes that work at various levels of interpretation – from sentences to phrases.
With bad data costing companies nearly $611 billion a year in postage, printing, and staff overhead, it is critical to get on board managing an effective data cleansing program. Data Ladder offers the best in class fast fuzzy matching software with DataMatch 2011 software suite. Try our free trial today.