Hello Friends,
Please see the attached case study about how West Virginia University used DataMatch to save thousands of work hours and improve patient care.
Case Study
Title-Tracking Patient Records Across Multiple Databases
Industry: Health Care, Education
Situation: West Virginia University was tasked with assessing the long term impacts of certain medical conditions over time. Specifically, if previous conditions affected long term health and patient care. The difficulty was that the database records identifying the medical condition were in a separate system from the current health records provided by the state. Linking these records manually, which number in the hundreds of thousands, was a very time-consuming process and threatened to derail research activities.
Solution: Using Datamatch, Data Ladder’s flagship product for data cleansing, WVU was able to clean records from multiple systems and create a unified view of the patient over time. With the best in class data cleansing and matching routines, along with the included customized training, WVU was able to see unified results quickly and easily.
Results: With unified view research was able to resume at a much quicker and more efficient pace. The cleansed data has been used and referenced in several medical journals, with the hope of improving patient care effectively and efficiently. With this success, WVU is expanding the use of DataMatch across several other functions within the university.