By: Farah Kim

product data match
Product Matching: The Key Factor to Accurate Sales and Marketing Intelligence
July 28, 2020

Product matching is the process of matching identical products from various sources through deep learning technologies. In a competitive landscape, where…

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The Importance of Product Data Governance for Retail Businesses
July 22, 2020

Unlike traditional stores, digital retailers rely on the effective categorization and dissemination of their product data on their web pages. So having accurately categorized…

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Matching Evolution: Finding Matches Across the Enterprise and Fine Tuning Results the Modern Way
July 17, 2020

As data undergoes a paradigm shift, so do the systems, processes, and approaches involved. Legacy systems are dying. Batch ETL pipelines are slowly becoming obsolete. Ownership is moving…

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product data quality solution
Manage Your Retail Business with a Robust Product Data Quality Solution
July 14, 2020

Retailer A makes consistently higher sales than Retailer B for the same product, at the same price. Both retailers have 4.5+…

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Why Your Organization Must Have a Data Quality Management Plan to Be Ahead of the Game
July 10, 2020

Data quality (DQ) and data quality management (DQM) is emerging as a needed business strategy in enterprise-level organizations. Although not a…

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Product Taxonomy 101: Categorizing Your Store Hierarchy to Increase Sales
July 8, 2020

The information is there. The challenge is to help customers find the right information quickly, efficiently, and smoothly. All too often,…

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Data Enrichment Benefits – Increase Sales Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction by 50%
July 1, 2020

Data, an organization’s intellectual asset, must be treated and regularly enriched to remain useful and valuable. Over 80% of companies we’ve…

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Data Enrichment Guide – How to Enrich and Optimize CRM Data for Accurate Insights
June 23, 2020

Customer personalization is a digital business imperative that requires clean, updated, enriched customer data. The data enrichment process, part of a…

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A Quick Guide to Data Merge Purge
June 16, 2020

A merge purge solution helps companies with disparate data sources unify their data to create a single version of the truth….

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Self-service Data Preparation Tools – Reduce Your Reliance on IT & Complex ETL Processes
June 10, 2020

Data preparation tools have been around for quite some time now. Most of these tools though require users to be proficient…

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