Your mom would always say it best. When the family refrigerator had a questionable item in the back, she would say, “When in doubt, throw it out!” Today, this age old saying still holds true, but for an entirely different reason.

As a data cleansing software and service company, we like to provide helpful information for our business clients. In this busy holiday season time, it is easy to feel rushed and overlook important precautions to take when using your computer. Don’t put your databases and important information at risk.
The reason: ransomware. This is the way it works: you will receive an email with a link. It could be from a company advertisement, or any email with a link that asks you to click for more information. Take heed, if you aren’t expecting it, or if for any reason you aren’t sure about opening it, then DELETE IT.
If you don’t and click onto the link, the ransomware infects your computer’s hard drive. Your business’s computer screen will freeze and a pop-up message will appear saying you have violated an FBI law, and your computer will remain locked until you pay the penalty.
This is an ominous message that can wreak havoc to your business, so prevention and protection is actually the cure.
A few tips to keep your business data intact:

  • Always use antivirus software from a reputable known company
  • Always use a firewall; also maintain these “on” through automatic updates
  • Enable pop-up blockers
  • Always backup content from your computer and maintain offline copies

If you have maintained offline copies and you are targeted, you will be able to wipe your system clean and reload your data.
Be suspicious: remember mom’s words, “When in doubt, throw it out!”
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