How Fuzzy Matching Solutions Work

While data matching used to be an easy activity, over the years, the type, format, and complexity of raw data have changed. Today, the best-in-class data matching tools use a combination of algorithms + proprietary algorithms to weed out the most difficult data fields to help companies achieve their data matching objectives.

Discover how a fuzzy matching solution works combining established and proprietary algorithms.

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This guide will help you:

 Understand the various types of fuzzy matching algorithms used in data matching.
 Differentiate between basic and best-in-class fuzzy matching solutions.
 Evaluate Data Ladder's approach to fuzzy matching using proprietary and established algorithms.

Data Ladder’s visual approach for business users is cutting-edge. The visual interface and well thought-out options make for simple and effective data cleansing implementations.

Ted Friedman, Gartner – Author Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools