Customer data integration is a difficult process without the right tools.

Integrating different customer data sources with different field types, address standards, naming conventions, etc is a monumental task. Especially when you consider how valuable the information is. The comments and history associated with these records are needed to insure a flawless customer experience.
Keys to effective implementation

  1.  Find someone who has done it before. Data Ladder’s customer integration specialists have completed hundreds of customer data integrations.
  2. The right tools make all of the difference. Every data integration is unique. Data Ladder’s DataMatch suite has; multiple customizable match definitions so you can identify duplicate and matching customers effectively (Same email, or same address, or same company name, etc.), the ability to merge data into a single golden record that combines duplicate/matching customer data with no data loss, and the ability to save your work for use in future customer data integrations.
  3.  Get started quickly with an affordable solution. Why waste time waiting for large companies to return your phone calls? Why spend $100K on a solution that takes months to approve, and weeks to implement? Get started today and contact  us for a free customized WebEx demonstration on your data.