One of the most common tasks that marketers are faced with in data cleansing is how to integrate purchased lists into marketing efforts.
How good is the list? Will it convert to sales? Are my current customers already on this list?
When this kind of data goes over 1000 records it becomes difficult and almost impossible to answer these questions without automated software. Mis spellings, address changes, and phone number changes can make simple exact matches difficult.
We suggest the following process:
1. Use a simple affordable tool like DataMatch to find the overlap between your current customers and the purchased lists. This can help eliminate potential duplication in mailings, and also give you an idea of how good your list is. If you purchased a list that contains a lot of current customers (Say over 3%) then you have found a good list.
2. Flag the duplicates. See if you can find patterns where the lists overlap, is it a certain industry, or persons title? This is a potential for identifying key customer micro segments that should be targeted.
3. Eliminate the duplicates from the list so you do not send confusing messages to current clients.
Do you have any other best practices you’d like to share on the cleansing of purchased lists? Please comment.