Truth be told, managing customer data in any size organization can be a real challenge. From home moves to major life changes such as marriage, keeping a streamlined database with clean, up to date information isn’t always an easy task. And, statistics show that a customer’s information becomes redundant as soon as these life changes occur. So, for those in the data quality field, what’s the best way to manage all of this information?

Well, let’s get to the bottom of the issue. There are several reasons for these redundancies:

  • Customer data changes occur too late
  • Islands of information aren’t synchronized and integrated properly
  • Data is not complete in time to make important business decisions

Keep in mind that getting started with a data management project takes strategy. Whether you are looking for short-term fixes or need a major overhaul, your approach will determine whether your company sees changes on an operational front or from a marketing perspective.
Some key aspects to look for when searching for the right data management tool:

  • Smooth integration with databases and other systems
  • Hierarchy management capabilities
  • The ability to match and merge

Selecting the right tool for your data management program doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth! Contact Data Ladder for more information.