Unbeknownst to most CEOs, serious data quality problems may be lurking at their organizations.  When these executives are informed by those upper managers in the information systems department about the problem, oftentimes the idea gets shot down. Typically, these executives don’t believe that a real problem exists.

Well, what these executives don’t typically understand is that there is a lot of extra work that goes into meeting specific requests for internal tasks, and the amount of time involved in fixing data quality problems.
What are some of the typical problems experienced by these organizations, large and small? Often, they involve a variation of the following:

  • External assessments such as regulatory commission reviews for monetary reimbursement, or customer grievances that bring out a deeper problem of data quality issues
  • Staff identification of data problems during work tasks, but use of temporary solutions to solve immediate needs that really require something more permanent  to ultimately take care of the problem
  • Companies that work on a global scope have difficulty managing their data on both a global and local scope

Data Ladder has helped many clients with our suite of software services. Data cleansing is not a one step process, and we fully understand that. Using a software solution is usually the first step for many organizations to get their data warehousing needs on track. However, what companies need to understand is that while top notch software can provide the necessary fixes needed to get tasks done and back on track, there are some long-term approaches to having a sustainable warehousing program that should be applied.
Several ideas for a long-term approach at your organization may include:

  • Introducing a data quality awareness program
  • Making data quality an incentive-based corporate objective
  • Implementing an internal measurement that subjectively assesses a company’s data quality program

These are all great ideas, but a real dedication to warehousing data and keeping it free from errors and redundancies starts at the top. For more information on implementing a full-scale data quality program, contact us.