It seems like over the past few years, elections have become more tightly contested. Electronic devices are becoming the standard in the voting booth, replacing ink and paper or hole punch tabulation methods.  For most, these devices make the voting process easier to record their votes. These devices enable us to more accurately collect polling data across a broader spectrum. As with any other data collection process, a more formal and methodic data cleansing process will be required.
With the demands of this process, it will surely require that we elect data cleansing for president to help accurately guide these contests in the future!
According to the Guardian, the 2012 Obama campaign used a large group of data specialists to perform a massive overhaul of their earlier database. This involved cleaning and verifying contents and combining it with the latest information from voter registration files, social media networks, the Democratic National Committee and other sources into a comprehensive set on 23 million voters and 25 million additional Obama Facebook fans.
Overall, a few different reasons contributed to the results of the election:

  • Combining million of records from very separate data sources was critical
  • Combining this information led to a major strategic advantage in terms of voter understanding and fundraising
  • While both campaigns raised about 1 billion dollars, Obama’s campaign, utilizing big data, got about half from small donations

We have seen recently seen other instances where this trend in data collection will become crucial. First, there is an effort with two major media groups to build a post-election database that will gather data back ten years. The scope of this project will be in steps, starting with Presidential data and working down through Congress. Later, the collection of data will encompass state and local elections. The challenge will be compiling accurate data across fifty states that will provide meaningful analytical results.
In these instances, it is easy to see how crucial data cleansing will be in future elections and campaigns.  Our political process will be driven by data and will require absolute accuracy. Creating a large system that would combine all the information collected from pollsters, fundraisers, field workers and consumer databases as well as social media and mobile contacts is now even more important than before.
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