Have been following along with Simon and the Data Ladder blog over the past two weeks.  I just had to get into the conversation, so I gave the Chief Data Elf a call and connected with Simon.  When I spoke with Simon, I just had to set the record straight: reindeer are the heavy lifters of Christmas! 
Santa is a great CEO and the guy who makes Christmas possible.  The elves run amazing productivity to meet the delivery schedules required by Santa. Their margin of error is ZERO (beat that, Apple!)  Snowmen are magical alright, but in all actuality, very shallow and all fluff!
The real work around here gets done by reindeer. Just think about it for a second:  if we were not pulling that sleigh, those presents sit on the tarmac at Santa International Airport and nothing moves. If that freight doesn’t move, then there will be some very unhappy folks Christmas morning and Santa will be out of work. Here are some magical reindeer facts that will help you see how it works:
1.       The crew is actually all female: male reindeer carry as little as 5 percent body fat when Christmas rolls around, having lost much of their fatty stores during the mating season.
2.       Female reindeer enter winter carrying about 50 percent body fat. This natural insulator, which can be a couple of inches thick on their rumps, keeps the reindeer toasty in temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 43 degrees Celsius).
3.       The reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh at 650 miles per second, 3,000 times the speed of sound.
4.       The weight of the sleigh is approx. 353,430 tons. For comparison – this is four times the weight of Queen Elizabeth.
5.       An average female reindeer weighs 350 lbs.
So, as you can see, Santa’s reindeer really pull the weight of Christmas. And, much like reindeer, big data and record linkage are the heavy haulers of Christmas retail. Without clean and accurate data, there might not be as much Christmas cheer every year, and business might lose the financial edge in today’s market. Simon and the Chief Data Elf are big supporters of Data Ladder and their record linkage products. They make Santa Claus Inc., run efficiently and with the results that really matter.
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