Well, I have to admit it, 2012 has been an amazing year.  As usual, my job is about to come to an end on Dec 31st and the new kid will take the reins for 2013. There will be a lot of celebrations, reflection and resolutions made as I wind down, so I have to get ready for the big send-off.  Funny, when you look at my job, I start in diapers with celebration and fanfare, then wrap things up in Depends, to the same amount of fanfare.  Aren’t you glad you don’t have my problems!  My glasses have gotten thicker and I use gallons of Bengay to soothe the old bones… time takes its toll. Glad the new guy will be here soon.  I thought I would give Simon a call at Data Ladder and reminisce about the good times of 2012. As my memory fades with the days of December, Simon reminded me of the bright outlook for big data and record linkage.  What a year!
Here are some of the thoughts we wanted to share with you to celebrate big data in 2012:

  1. Big data garnered explosive respect in business.  SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Eloqua, Google, IBM and Adobe made significant progress with their processes.
  2. The year marked the “beginning of the end” of siloed analysis, which will translate into a greater need for analysts to wear multiple hats.
  3. Demands of business opened the demand for the data scientist and secured their future moving forward.
  4. The combination of big data, measurement science, and data science trends makes predictive analytics the place to be in the New Year.
  5. The Obama campaign clearly showed the value of robust social media insights and big data.  Those trends will be strong for 2013.

So, as we approach the end of 2012, I bid each of you a fond farewell and hope that 2013 will be more joyful and prosperous! As you can see, the need for data scientists and a structured approach to managing your big data will be more critical in the New Year.  Explore your options with Data Ladder and their fine products to optimize your financial prosperity.  Make 2013 a real winner!
Now, I think Simon and I are going to chill some Moet and sing a few rounds of Another Auld Lang Syne.  We will see you at the big party in Times Square!