Without a doubt, data management is an integral part of any direct mail marketing campaign. It guides every aspect of your campaign. Dirty data can adversely affect your customer influence and their opinion of your company. This directly influences the impact on your financial performance, whether positive or negative. In today’s economy and business climate, the smallest misstep can create painful results that could take months to recover from. You have only one opportunity to get it right and that demands your company is fully prepared to execute a flawless and fruitful direct mail campaign. This requires you understand four basic points for success.
In a recent article in Business 2 Community by Christopher Jan Benitez, he points out four points that are critical to understanding direct mail marketing:

  1. More than half buys from direct mail: 65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engages
  2. Greater emotional processing is involved with physical than virtual media: Physical media “leaves a deeper footprint in the brain” and produces “more brain responses connected with internal feelings, suggesting greater “internalization” of the ads.”
  3. Catalogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools: When measuring different promotional materials based on their cost per order, you need to purchase $47.61 worth of catalogs to land an order. This is more affordable compared to paid search ($99.47) and email ($53.85).
  4. More people need to be educated about direct mail: 80% of businesses need to learn cost per lead, response rates, and conversion rates, among others to have a better understanding on how they can benefit from direct mail.

These facts speak volumes to understanding direct mail marketing and how data cleansing affects your campaign.
So when you find yourself planning a direct mail marketing campaign, take a look at your data and how do you ensure the accuracy. If you find any doubt in that evaluation, contact Data Ladder and find out how we can help you make the most of your campaign. Data Ladder can help resolve your fuzzy data and deduplication issues with software that is both easy and accurate. Let us partner with you to launch a successful campaign that gets results!