Who is the owner of data stored and crunched by agencies for their clients? It would seem the answer would be very straightforward… the client! With the emerging power surrounding data integration, the struggle over control of data between the marketers and agencies is starting to become a war. As a client, if you are not protecting you data upfront and in writing, you may be in for a shock when trying to take control of that data. Like the old saying goes, knowledge is power, and marketing data owned by business is raw gold. It would be in your best interest to go old school and stake your claim.

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Since data analytics drive strategies in today’s market, controlling the data means controlling the cash flow. Agencies are ferociously reluctant to share client data with the client’s other shops. It also doesn’t seem that they have to either. Often the data is so closely protected by the agency that the client may find it simpler to stick with that shop vs. transitioning their account to agency. This gloomy fact leaves the power in the hands of agencies, and the client left feeling helpless. The question then becomes why should an agency follow this hard line approach when clients can just as easily store and manage their own data?
The key to success here is marketers must consider protecting their data upfront, with any agency they work with. By no means should any assume that every agency uses this type of tactic in controlling client data, but it is always better to protect your business interest upfront. Insist on explicit language on data ownership, management and/or transfer of said data to ensure that protections of both parties exist. Other options coming into play are 3rd party software systems that allow access to the intelligence without control of the data.
The ideal position is to retain absolute control of your goldmine and control your data. While managing your data, why not consider a partnership with Data Ladder? We use SSAE 16 audited data centers and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the privacy and security of confidential files during transfer and in storage.
Ensure that your data is maintained and cleansed properly, while retaining absolute control. For more answers to your data questions, visit our website and set up a free consultation with one of our specialists.