DL Blog 5_30_13 ImageIs managing the vast amounts of data collected by your business leaving you seeing double? Every day, you gather information from your customers or clients from transactions. Your online customers input their data and make purchases, adding to vast data collection. All of these scenarios build the depth of your databases. As the database grows, the costs of storing and maintaining that data increase in kind. When you try looking up a customer, say Mary Jones of Jonesville, Arkansas and you find 10 different files, you might leave Mary a bit frustrated and befuddled while waiting on your world famous customer service to kick in. All of those “Mary Jones” files have left you out of sorts and seeing double trying to manage them!

While you are clearing up your double vision, consider the costs of duplicate data:

  1. Direct Marketing: Communication and related costs are significantly increased.
  2. Sales Opportunities: You will miss valuable opportunities to make or close potential business.
  3. Customer Service: Product orders and service technicians sent to the wrong address, confusion during customer interactions, all leading to frustration and loss of customers.
  4. Accurate Business Reporting: You will never be able to understand and accurately report the performance of your business. This will lead to loss of business reputation and revenue.

As you can see, the costs of NOT addressing your data management issues can be significant. In today’s data driven world, information = success.  By getting rid of redundant and repetitive data, you will increase the speed and accuracy of your service. You will also enjoy a reduction in costs associated with managing and maintain your data. All of these factors add up to improved customer relations, improved profit margins and growing revenue.

Data Ladder is THE choice in deduplication software and the RIGHT partner when choosing a solution that works best for your business. Our deduplication software, Data Match 2013 will quickly resolve your issues with deduplication and record linkage, getting you back into the business of running your business with a clear vision of success.