Data Ladder Helps Business Manage their Unstructured Data

The ability to understand unstructured data, just as a human would, has always been a challenge in the world of data cleansing. With the huge amounts of data gathered by business everyday through digital interaction, business understands the importance of data that produces actionable insights. Without data accuracy, business can quickly can lose its competitive edge and valuable customer relationships. With the release of ProductMatch 2.5, Data Ladder  has set the standard in data cleansing.

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ProductMatch 2.5 is specifically designed to reveal the concealed relationships, learn from past experiences with artificial intelligence, and create hierarchical categorization on top of unstructured data. This powerful product contains tools that:

  • Quickly solves data quality and integration issues
  • Transforms complex and unstructured data
  • Finds and defines hierarchical relationships
  • Automated extraction of attributed data from raw text

With this powerful tool at hand, business will be able to accurately manage their data in such a way that creates significant improvement to their fiscal position. From customer service to inventory management and control, ProductMatch 2.5 will energize every data management operation. In a recent interview, Nathan Krol, Founder and President of Data Ladder stated that:

 “Putting together separate data sources is emerging as a needed business solution, so understanding unstructured text data such as product descriptions and customer reviews is critical to this function. Incompatible data can cost companies millions of dollars in revenue and lost opportunities.”

Discover the advantages that can be gained with ProductMatch 2.5  by contacting Data Ladder and trying a free trial of the software. You will find the product will exceed your every expectation for accuracy, quality and efficiency. Data Ladder is the choice for those who demand the highest quality and advantage with their data management.

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