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So Labor Day has passed and the kids are back in school. Yes while the pace is changing on the home front, your work climate may also be experiencing a bit of a shift. Maybe your CEO is looking to change things up a bit on the IT front, and is figuring out all this talk about data quality and managing data may be worth a second look.
As we’ve seen the proliferation of big data across all sectors of business, specifically through mobile and social media platforms, it is directly impacting businesses of all sizes that use this data to run operations and make important decisions. Suddenly, terms like data cleansing tools and data matching tools have become important buzzwords in the office. The underlying data quality issues your company has been sweeping under the rug now need and deserve some attention.
With this in mind, as a business professional you should be aware of how the explosion of data has impacted the most important person: your customer. Here are a few areas to keep an eye on:

  1. How We Stay Healthy:  Healthcare initiatives and Obamacare will demand effective data management to provide appropriate care.  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a fact and they are here to stay.
  2. How We Spend Money:  Retailers know your habits and moves in their space. They want to understand what your preferences are and how to get you to spend with them.
  3. How We Keep or Lose Your Privacy: We want to find balance in the proper use of data and respecting individual privacy. Generally, consumers are still willing to share their data.

The integrity of any data stored really depends on the information entered by all parties involved in the creation of the data. Using data cleansing software tools will always be an important part of managing big or small data, but having a strong long-term approach is crucial to the success of any data quality program. Some ideas to get this started might include:

  • Creating a data quality awareness program
  • Making data quality a high priority across all departments
  • Creating an internal measurement that reviews a company’s data quality program

Here at Data Ladder our data quality consultants can assess your company’s internal programs and make suggestions for improvement. Contact us today for a complimentary assessment.