In the past few years, data analytics and big data have taken business and government by storm! Institutions have scrambled to acquire qualified and talented data scientists to lead their programs into the future. Data management and analytics have become the industry to watch and be a part of, which is a trend that will continue to rocket up the charts. In 2014, we would like to highlight three discussion points to consider in the growth of the industry:

  1. Data analysts will replace the data scientist as the in-demand talent.  This will bring them closer to the actual business unit and decision-making process, freeing up the data scientist for more strategic leadership roles.
  2. Easy to use data management tools will empower data analysts and scientists to manage and utilize their databases more effectively, yielding much more profitable decisions for business.
  3. Customers understand gathered data in business and will thus expect more technical and personalized interactions, which will be required to keep their loyalty. As mobile platforms continue to surpass desktops, customer expectations will also continue to rise.

We are sure there are many other considerations in this fast-paced industry for 2014, and will surely look forward to exploring them during the year. Choosing the right partner in data management and analytics makes all the difference for 2014. Data Ladder’s superior data quality software will enable quicker and more accurate decisions based on your gathered data. Stop by Data Ladder and download a free trial today.