Welcome to 2015! The new year always brings excitement, hope and aspirations. Goals and commitments are set, plans are set into motion and business has a renewed energy. Data is an industry that has an amazing future in 2015. New and exciting practices and technologies continue to propel data forward and inspire innovation!
A New Year in Data Cleansing
The data tidal wave will touch every industry and entrepreneur across the board in 2015. It is not whether it will affect you, but how much you will allow data into your business. Let’s look at just three ways data will influence your business in 2015:
1.   Automation Will Fill the Skills Shortage Gap: Companies will invest in an automated process to replace a significant skills shortage in the marketplace. Data will play a key role in that process through analytics and accurate data. Common workflows will be rationalized.
2.   Image, Video and Audio Analytics Will Rise: Over half of all large organizations in the US are including images, video and audio as part of their data analytics projects. More will join the field within 5 years.
3.   Security Will Become King: Data analytics tools will become the first line of defense across the digital spectrum.
These are just three of the new insights in data for 2015. Industries such as insurance, financial services, education and healthcare will aggressively take advantage of data and position their industries for exponential growth!
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