Seems there is always the assumption that bigger is better! Well, for some things that analogy is spot on, for others, not so much. But we always seem to solve the conundrum by going big! Same thing applies to data and the experts dealing with complex data sets. The experts and C-Suite leaders have felt that the larger the data set, the more actionable intelligence there is. As we have moved through data management and best practices in the industry rise to the top, CMOs are finding that bigger is not always better and sometimes, the smaller the data set, the more valuable the actionable intelligence.
In a recent survey of 757 marketing CMOs, 74% like the idea of more data, as it creates more opportunities.  However, those same respondents stated that given a clear choice, smaller data sets with clean data would be their choice every time. Even though marketing and data intelligence is becoming more technical, simplicity still remains the path of choice. Seems the tendency going for larger data sets leave about 20% of actionable data untouched and on the table.  Industry leaders are finding ways to unify disparate silos of data into single analytics platforms. This would enable the CMO to glean higher quality data and the analytics results could be much more effective.
CMOs and C-Suite leaders will be learning from previous mistakes and take a refreshing look at how they do business. No one can pass on larger data sets, but clearly, the hunt is much more profitable when smaller sets with higher quality data are used. This approach will no doubt refresh the industry and open doors to greater possibilities from actionable intelligence.
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