One sure fact when starting to work with a data — nothing is simple! That’s correct! Nothing will be simple when trying to manage large volumes of data, gleaning actionable insights and implementing processes that benefit your business. From the start, you must be clearly focused on results, have an extraordinary attention to detail and understand what results you want to achieve from the data. That’s why, like everything else in life, keep it simple.
When tackling problems, start off with manageable bites. Split those problems into small, manageable problems that you can logically address. Choose one simple, well defined issue, explore it and demonstrate a little value. Then, repeat those steps over and over. Before you know it, you are on your way to tackling the big challenge and you are seeing success. Make sure your data is organized for use in everyday operations. Otherwise, your operations will be slowed and things will quickly come to a halt!
The biggest challenge will be to organize the data in a manner that allows ease of sampling. Consider the source(s) of the data you will be working with and the complexities involved in sampling it. Think through what you need carefully and how it will be organized. Clearly understand any special requirements, including legal considerations and ensure your compliance. You can then use a sample that is appropriate, not just a simple taste of the data. Remember, the sample must be useful for profitable results.
So how will you tackle proper data quality? Keep it simple! Problems are best broken down into manageable bites and addressed one at a time. You will then be more comfortable managing your data and getting viable results for real time use. It’s just that simple.
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