Data Ladder was at the MDM and Data Governance Summit in New York from October 4th – 6th 2015. What was really nice about this intimate workshop (at just under 500 attendees) was that we got to know many of the other members of the MDM ecosystem.
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We all attend these MDM summits in the spirit of knowledge and sharing common interests (master data management and data in general), and in the process many of us become lifelong friends and career advocates.
Now let’s get to the fun! Aaron Zones, who was our MDM and Data Governance chairman and first keynote speaker, is a very interesting and creative chap. Aaron was a Harvard dropout (not that that should be part of his claim to fame, but it does have a certain juxtaposition to his accomplishments), former Meta Group founder and analyst for Gartner. A military brat, he chose to build his home in the San Francisco Bay area.
In all his seriousness, he came up to us and reminded us that first he is a musician, and that the MDM Summit is his show. Perhaps it is his creativity and view of life that has made Aaron Zones the genius that he is in the MDM industry. His show — aka MDM Summit — does pack a full house and is held all over the world.
Another guest speaker was Bob Harris, an unassuming gentleman who was very entertaining and quite wise, with loads of experience. Bob had some words of wisdom for the future of data stewards. He suggested that to be a full-time data steward is very risky, because once the data has been extracted from the old system, and cleaned up and loaded up into the new system — there isn’t a need for all the data stewards. This was Bob’s way of saying to always keep learning new things.
It is our opinion that attending these conferences helps IT become better salespeople within their organization. They would have to, because at the MDM conference they were asked to ponder and share what business problems MDM solved or could solve within their organization.
The bottom line is that understanding master data management and the business problems it can solve will either save an organization money, make an organization money — or both!
We believe that the future of the industry resides with these MDM Summits, and yes you can quote us. Learn more about Data Ladder and how we can help you tackle your master data management issues.