You have experienced it in everyday life: your good friend tells you a very funny joke, and at the onset of his punchline you are rolling on the ground in painstaking laughter.
But since you’ve been there every time he tells you these same jokes, they don’t seem to be as funny anymore. In fact, they have now become very annoying.
It’s the same feeling you get when you start receiving numerous duplicate emails or catalogs from the same company. It was great when you got that first holiday catalog, but it starts to become irksome when you continue to get duplicate copies coming to your address.
With Halloween upon us, the holidays are just around the corner – which is a big time for retailers. So like any good business, you want to send out your latest catalog to new and prospective customers in a timely matter.
But are both your email lists and mailing labels cleansed and ready to go for the big push? If not, you’re setting yourself up for a big business nightmare!

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Without appropriate data quality tools to manage your customer lists, it could be costing you revenue and the loss of customers.
Duplicate emails and direct mailings are annoying to anyone and furthermore, it tells your customer you aren’t paying attention to details. If this is done often enough, it could be seen as bullying, and you might even be deleted as a vendor from their list.
Even worse, you’re throwing revenue away by mailing duplicate hard copies of a catalog or postcard. While this may be through no fault of your own, per se, you do have the power to deduplicate!
Let’s face it, duplication of data happens. With causes stemming from spelling errors to the use of different servers, the list of causes are too numerous to name.
The Solution
DataMatch is one of the most comprehensive, affordable data deduplication software tools on the market. It will cleanse, match and deduplicate your email lists, databases, and Excel spreadsheets.
There is a huge difference between a well-orchestrated email campaign and a campaign riddled with duplicate emails, so don’t confuse the two. After all, with duplicates, too much of a good thing may do you harm.
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