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Data Ladder Announces the Release of DataMatch 2012
May 30, 2012

With ease of use design changes, additional cleansing and reporting functionality, and best in class fast fuzzy matching algorithms, DataMatch 2012…

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Customer Data Integration Effectively Implemented
December 15, 2011

Customer data integration is a difficult process without the right tools. Integrating different customer data sources with different field types, address…

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Why Data Quality and Data Cleansing Projects Fail
September 13, 2011

Data Quality and Cleansing initiatives are essential to improving overall operational and IT effectiveness. However many efforts do not get off…

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More Than One Way to Skin a Database
May 23, 2011

I have been a solution manager for Data Ladder for several years and have been fortunate enough to learn more and…

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Data cleansing techniques
May 3, 2011

The amount of data we all deal with every day is expanding rapidly. With expanding data and the ongoing addition of…

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Remove Duplicate Records
December 12, 2010

Duplicate Records Impact on Sales and Operations Quick post. The major issues with duplicate records are often not felt by IT…

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Every data cleaning situation is unique
June 28, 2010

A quick post today. One often overlooked fact is that every data cleansing situation is very unique. Take a simple customer…

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Why Email Cleaning is Crucial to Effective Correspondence
October 20, 2009

Email has grown from a mere messaging medium to something indispensable in the corporate arena. Especially, official communication in the corporate…

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Getting a Real Return from your Data Quality / Data Cleansing Initiative
August 6, 2009

Getting a Real Return from your Data Quality / Data Cleansing Initiative Some important basic areas that we will cover: ROI:…

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