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P20 Takes Education Back To The Basics
December 13, 2013

Changing education over the past two decades has been a priority in the United States, but the efforts have been limited…

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Great Data Allows For Accurate Risk Assessments
November 25, 2013

In the insurance industry, the ability to understand risk is the key to success and growth. From the individual policy holder…

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The Recipe For Success in the Restaurant Industry
October 18, 2013

Everywhere you look these days, business is firmly embracing the wave of data management. Time and time again, the facts clearly…

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Data Ladder Research: Understanding Product Data Quality
October 4, 2013

With over 80 percent of companies expressing a lack of confidence in their product data, our team here at Data Ladder…

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Consumer Goods, the Data and Semantics
July 12, 2013

In our last blog post, Big Box Power Driven by Data Management, we discussed the burgeoning power of data in the…

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Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective?
May 17, 2013

This is the question that gets batted around boardrooms around the world. How can we invest in a snail mail marketing…

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Great Customer Retention Depends on Great Data
May 10, 2013

How valuable is a great customer retention program to your business? Do you have a formal program or do you just…

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Big Data Partners to Fight Medical Non-Adherence
February 7, 2013

The term “Medical Non-Adherence” may not mean a lot to most of us, but for those in healthcare, it is a…

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Big Data and Healthcare: Exploring New Territory
February 5, 2013

We recently talked about the hesitant relationship between big data and healthcare in a post entitled Data Cleansing Tools: Bridging the…

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Data Cleansing Tools: Bridging the Gap between Healthcare and Big Data
January 29, 2013

During the past 20 years, we have experienced a social revolution with the internet. That social revolution has led our society…

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