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For 2013: Small Business Embraces Big Data
January 22, 2013

When you start talking Big Data and Record Linkage around a small or medium business owner (SMB), all you get is…

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How Big Data Will Affect You in 2013
January 16, 2013

2013 may be the year people start to see the true impact of Big Data on their lives.  We have seen…

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New Year’s Eve Celebrations … Times Square Style
January 3, 2013

WOW! What a celebration bringing in the New Year! I am so happy to be Father Time representing 2013 and am…

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5 Big Data Facts of 2012 … Another Auld Lang Syne
December 27, 2012

Well, I have to admit it, 2012 has been an amazing year.  As usual, my job is about to come to…

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A Message from the CEO – Santa Claus, Inc.
December 20, 2012

Things here at Santa Claus, Inc., are running full speed, getting ready for the big night.  Over the past few weeks,…

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Frosty Reveals the 5 Secrets of Snow
December 13, 2012

Was chillin’ last night with some other snowmen from Santa Claus, Inc., enjoying some frosty root beer.  We had just finished…

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8 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas
December 11, 2012

In the first part of our interview with the Chief Data Elf at Santa Claus, Inc., we were able to share…

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Meet Santa’s Chief Data Elf
December 6, 2012

My good friend Simon at Data Ladder introduced you to big data and record linkage at the North Pole in his…

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Santa Claus Understands Record Linkage
December 4, 2012

Can you manage a naughty and nice list that contains data on everyone in the world? That list must contain…

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What…You want to be a Data Scientist??
November 29, 2012

That dreaded conversation with loved ones, who surely wanted to see you removing a gall bladder or arguing a case before…

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