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Manufacturers: Keeping an Eye on Good Quality Data
March 18, 2016

Making the Case for Data Cleansing If your business happens to be in the global manufacturing industry, it’s no secret that…

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DataMatch Scores High on Education
February 18, 2016

As our technology gets more precise, our need to be precise increases twofold. In education, there are so many variables that…

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The Zen of DataMatch Enterprise
October 12, 2015

The five thousand-year-old ancient art of feng shui has made another incarnation, this time as software. Well…not really, but what this…

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Be Aware: Big Data is Trained to Sniff You Out
September 16, 2015

Ahhh big data, it is definitely the catchphase that’s currently trending. Big data has different applications and definitions, or rather the…

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Are We Ready for ICD-10?
August 20, 2015

From a recent survey, it seems physicians are not ready for October 1st! In a recent Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange…

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The Music Industry Learns to Sing
June 9, 2015

In this digital age, the music industry faces more and more complex challenges, especially when trying to resolve copyright and compensation…

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What Data Has In Store For 2015
January 2, 2015

Welcome to 2015! The new year always brings excitement, hope and aspirations. Goals and commitments are set, plans are set into…

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Case Study: Gleaning Health Data with Help of Record Linkage Tools
October 17, 2014

There is big money in crunching healthcare data – the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently awarded $32 million in grants…

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Is There Privacy in the Digital Age?
October 10, 2014

Our world is being shaped by our online presence. Our various platforms connect each of us to the world and each…

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Education Changes with P20 Programs
October 4, 2014

Changing education over the past two decades has been a priority in the United States, but the efforts have been limited…

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