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Data Ladder Case Study: Make Reporting a Breeze
May 6, 2015

The insurance industry is one of the many taking full advantage of data through aggressive data management programs. Like most other…

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Hard Lessons Learned in UK on Healthcare Data Strategies
January 26, 2015

During the past year, the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom failed terribly when attempting to roll out aggressive…

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Higher Education Focuses on Data for 2015
January 16, 2015

The new year has been the beginning of a new focus for education and data initiatives. During 2015, education will be…

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Fighting Insurance Fraud With Data Quality Tools
January 12, 2015

Fraud is the scourge of the Insurance industry. Data reported by the Nation Insurance Crime Bureau indicates that over 10% of…

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What Data Has In Store For 2015
January 2, 2015

Welcome to 2015! The new year always brings excitement, hope and aspirations. Goals and commitments are set, plans are set into…

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Happy Holidays from Data Ladder
December 24, 2014

From the entire team at Data Ladder, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season, and a New Year…

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The Future of Digital Healthcare
December 22, 2014

Healthcare has tracked along with its business counterparts through most of the digital revolution. However, they have been slow to adapt…

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A New Marriage in the C-Suite: CTO Weds CMO
November 15, 2014

Merge and purge is not just a technique in managing data, but it also applies to the C-suite and how business…

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Insurance Agents and Brokers Need Record Linkage to Drive Growth
November 9, 2014

Embracing record linkage and data quality tools in the insurance industry is a new concept. However, while other sectors may be…

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Big Data Fumbles: Learn From Others' Mistakes Before You Fumble
October 25, 2014

Professionals learn from others’ mistakes to improve their performance. If you follow a favorite NFL team, you are aware that part…

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