Make Reporting a Breeze

Fuzzy Matching Makes Reporting a Breeze


Zurich Insurance Group is a leading multi-line insurance provider offering a wide variety of commercial business insurance products and risk management solutions for medium and large businesses, as well as multinational corporations. The company has locations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.
The company was responsible for resolving conflicting data within its core mainframe database. In the insurance industry, having payee names aggregate and match are critical for the functioning of various payment processes.

Their current system does not have a hard edit function where payee names can pre-populate, so those managing and entering information in the database can just key in any type of information. If any query was run against the main data warehouse, a long list of duplicate information would pop up. The result of this would cause problems with vendor names not aggregating appropriately.

Due to the stringent standards of the insurance industry, the constant need to police and monitor data requires clean, usable information.

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