Tracking Records Across DB

Tracking Records across Multiple Databases


West Virginia University is the state’s only research, doctoral degree-granting, land-grant university. The school offers nearly 200 degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional levels.
West Virginia University was tasked with assessing the long-term impacts of certain medical conditions on patients over an extended period of time. The determination to be made was whether previous medical conditions affected long-term health and patient care.

The data for the medical conditions and the current health records provided by the state exist in separate systems. The challenge to overcome was how to link the database records that identified the medical conditions in question to the current health records provided by the state.

The idea of linking these two groups of records was overwhelming for the research department. With hundreds of thousands of records to manage, the process would be very time-consuming and threaten the timeliness and process of the research activities.

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