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Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us, with many going out for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. But what exactly is a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner? Today the word traditional has many definitions, depending on your lifestyle, family values and even health.

The old school Thanksgiving dinner consisting of turkey with stuffing and gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sautéed green beans with deep fried onions, glazed carrots, candied sweet potato casserole, gingered fruit compote and pumpkin pie has been pushed aside by health issues and lifestyles. With more and more people changing their diets to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods over concerns such as diabetes and obesity, today’s palate is ever-changing and has become susceptible to trends.
So what is the food industry’s secret weapon to keep up with the trends?
Data Ladder recently partnered with Datassential, a large research firm that provides much needed data to the foodservice industry. They provide the largest database of the most comprehensive information to aid in decision-making and solutions. The database offers statistics from what is trending in menu analysis to market sizing solutions, as well as everything in between for the foodservice industry and their retail customers.
A Business Situation
Datassential had wanted to bring together specific requests made by their clients and match them up to various menus and restaurant types. These requests ranged from determining the fastest growing burger toppings, to pricing of various items, such as buffalo wings. At that point they had been using Microsoft Access to organize their data, but when it came to deduplicating and matching data to specific categories they were lagging behind and needed a quicker, more efficient solution.
The Solution
DataMatch Enterprise came to Datassential’s rescue, providing a cost effective, user-friendly solution. Since DataMatch Enterprise provided the perfect data matching software solution, with high match accuracy as well as deduplication services, it was an all around win for Datassential. DataMatch Enterprise was able to boost the potential of Datassential’s own software, thus helping Datassential and their clients, making them that much more efficient. It was a win-win! Read more about our data matching software solution in the case study.
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