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Marketing Analytics Made Easier

As a marketing analyst, you’re expected to know the ins, outs and metrics of your company’s marketing efforts. The data is abundant but every month,

Cleaning Big Data the Easy Way

Cleaning big data usually invokes big stress levels. With the advancements we’ve seen in technology over the years, many industries have been transformed from the

Think Address Verification is an Option?

Address verification is vital for any business. Inaccurate addresses can be a costly problem for your organization and not just because they prevent prompt, accurate

Bad data equals bad customer experience

In a competitive world with seemingly endless choices and price-wars, there’s one thing that can truly set you aside from the competition. Customer Experience. In

Business Benefits of a Data Quality Program

Many of today’s businesses rely on quality data for their client needs and to keep accurate records of their business transactions, purchases, lists and so forth.

Why Minorities are Often Missed in Data Matches

In working with several clients within the education industry, we’ve had many special types of matching requests, specifically in capturing minority names. For our purposes,

Education Changes with P20 Programs

Changing education over the past two decades has been a priority in the United States, but the efforts have been limited to standardized testing. The