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What is Data Accuracy, Why it Matters and How Companies Can Ensure They Have Accurate Data.
September 25, 2020

Inaccurate data has real-world implications across industries. In law enforcement, inaccurate data could mean booking the wrong person for a crime….

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Why Your Organization Must Have a Data Quality Management Plan to Be Ahead of the Game
July 10, 2020

Data quality (DQ) and data quality management (DQM) is emerging as a needed business strategy in enterprise-level organizations. Although not a…

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Data Enrichment Benefits – Increase Sales Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction by 50%
July 1, 2020

Data, an organization’s intellectual asset, must be treated and regularly enriched to remain useful and valuable. Over 80% of companies we’ve…

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Data Enrichment Guide – How to Enrich and Optimize CRM Data for Accurate Insights
June 23, 2020

Customer personalization is a digital business imperative that requires clean, updated, enriched customer data. The data enrichment process, part of a…

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Disparate, Dirty, Duplicated Data – Understanding the 3Ds of Bad Data.
May 13, 2020

In a world fascinated with the limitless opportunities of AI, ML, and predictive analysis, data quality has become a significant challenge….

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What is a Postal Code and Why is it Important for Address Verification and Validation?
February 18, 2020

You may have often heard of ZIP+4 address verification when implementing a data cleansing and matching activity. But do you know…

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Data Management Trends 2020 – An Overview by Data Ladder
January 6, 2020

It won’t be possible to give an overview of data management trends 2020 without conducting an analysis of the clients and…

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Using Wordsmith to Remove Noise and Standardize Data in Bulk for Greater Matching Confidence
September 13, 2019

Using Wordsmith to Remove Noise and Standardize Data in Bulk for Greater Matching Confidence The data that flows into your organization…

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Entity Resolution for a Single Customer View
July 12, 2019

“The ability to view the customer through a single lens enables critical measurement, optimization, efficiency, and personalized use cases.” Jason Niemi,…

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3 Ways Data Cleansing Software Can Help Increase Your Marketing ROI
November 20, 2018

“It takes $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to cleanse and dedupe it, and $100 if nothing…

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