Compare Duplicate

Data hygiene isn’t as hard as you might think.

Successfully cleaning up any type of company database involves a number of processes. The longer you leave your dirty database lingering, the longer it will take to clean and manage it effectively.

Staying ahead of the curve can make your data hygiene program easier to manage.

From managing bounces to keep consistent records, data cleaning can effectively help you manage your mailing lists. But it can be hard to keep up with when your mailing list grows and other revenue generating tasks take precedence.

So how does one stay ahead of the data cleaning curve?

One of the most basic, fundamental tasks in data cleaning is to compare lists. From removing duplicates to correcting typographical errors, data quality tools that compare data or compare lists can effectively make the difference between a smart database that drives business and one that just stays idle.


Matching or linking data is a way to compare data so that records of a similar nature will be associated.
The basic components of a data quality software suite will allow the user to:
> Compare data
> Compare two tables
> Compare lists

Data Ladder’s software suite makes this process easy. With easy to use tabs, our user-friendly software makes it easy to sort through your data and compare lists of all types and sizes.


From exact matches to fuzzy matches, our software will highlight and extract information based on what the user inputs, so cleaning your data is as simple as the click of a button.

Download a free trial of Data Match today and see for yourself how easy a data hygiene program can be.