Optimize Customer Experience with a Homogenized Customer View

Over 70% of companies do not have a single, unified customer view. Dirty, duplicate, disparate data is to blame. In an age when customer experience takes precedence, not having this view can result in poor customer satisfaction, high operational costs & inefficient sales performance.

A customer 360 view allows your teams to access insights about a customer’s profile, behavior, preferences, interactions, and purchases across all touchpoints and lines of business so they can deliver a more personalized experience.

This is a step-by-step guide into how you can fix bad data, purge duplicates and merge third-party and internal data to create a clean, consolidated, homogenized customer view.


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The white paper covers:

Data Ladder’s visual approach for business users is cutting-edge. The visual interface and well thought-out options make for simple and effective data cleansing implementations.


Ted Friedman, Gartner – Author Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools