Microsoft just purchased LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion in cash! This is the largest acquisition to date. Since both companies are still in the honeymooning stage, they are promising an easy transition; they are even talking about how LinkedIn would pair nicely with Microsoft business focused software, Office and customer relationship manager Dynamics.

The Transition

Since it was Microsoft that bought LinkedIn, that means that now Microsoft has just added 430 million LinkedIn members to its family.
As with any merger, the companies have to combine data systems for the different departments. To add insult to injury, while this transition is happening it is business as usual. We all know that any time two separate systems come together even in a well meaning acquisition, havoc can happen and probably will.
By havoc we mean, clones, voids, and system errors, inaccuracies that happen, because one system can’t understand what the other system is trying to communicate.

What Makes This Situation Unique

LinkedIn is a business oriented social media. Its 430 billion members demand accuracy as well as security. While the companies are transitioning, emails still have to go out, lists are made and constantly updated, new members are being added and names are similar but not to be confused so once again accuracy is crucial.
For the amount of errors that will come up, to have IT round the clock, it would still take too much time.

The Solution

In light of the merger, we’d thought we’d talk about the simplicity and genius of DataMatch Enterprise from Data Ladder.
The reasons:

  • Speed: it only takes a couple of hours to get up to speed.
  • Easily matches attributes.
  • It is compatible with any system so it makes communication between systems error-free.

Data Ladder feels that in today’s tech world, speed and accuracy as well as convenience really speaks to the customer. So DataMatch Enterprise was created to take care of all customers.
DataMatch Enterprise has built-in databases that are able to distinguish a business persona, from a private persona by sensing certain information and noticing the difference; LinkedIn’s 430 million members would certainly appreciate this.
LinkedIn and Microsoft have said that their acquisition is going “to give them a chance to change the way the world works.”
Data Ladder has already made that happen by making accuracy and privacy the number one priority in all of their products. For more information or a free trial download click here.