Data Integration Company Mergers and Acquisitions Case Study

Major wholesaler beats project deadline with data matching tool

DataMatch Enterprise provided a hassle-free solution for the project manager. With the ability to share templates, it saved an enormous amount of time in training users since the templates were already built and ready to use.

Matching attributes could be determined quickly based on the identified private product segments. With the templates already configured, users only had to worry about the output.

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The white paper will help you:

Learn more about the bility to share templates and save time.

See how Data Ladder’s best-in-class software tools, helped teh company to identify product segments and do business intelligence.

Explain how to build parameters to review your data and beat your project deadlines.

We are currently months ahead of a deadline for a tow-year project because of the work that we were able to accomplish with DataMatch Enterprise.

Project Manager – Data Management and Integration