Data Ladder LLC, a Provider of Simple and Affordable Data Cleansing Software, Announces the Release of DataMatch 2011

Data Ladder LLC, a provider of simple and affordable data cleansing software, announces the release of DataMatch 2011. With ease of use design changes, additional cleansing functionality, and best in class fast fuzzy matching algorithms, DataMatch 2011 brings the capability of a strong data cleansing software to the desktop. DataMatch 2011 provides key capabilities to keep your databases and lists clean and free of duplicates, saving time and money for business professionals.
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“The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) estimated that inaccurate customer data costs businesses (over) $611 billion a year in postage, printing, and staff overhead. Frighteningly, the real cost of bad data is higher. Data problems can alienate customers, create revenue and cost leaks, undermine process efficiency, delay expensive projects, and expose an organization to compliance risks. In short, bad data can make it hard for the business to achieve its financial and strategic goals.”
Key New Features:
Intuitive wizard sets data cleansing options based on 4 questions, drastically reducing data cleansing setup time and confusion. Additionally Data Ladder’s world class customer support is available to walk every customer through their own data cleansing project.
A simplified user interface allowing visibility on how each data cleansing step has changed the data set, ability to undo changes, and the ability to save your work as a project that can be reused and scheduled.
Visually appealing data profiling and match results reports that can be exported to Excel and PDF.
Improved proprietary matching algorithms providing best in class matching accuracy and speed.
Data Profiling: including automated field type identification and extraction (Address, First Name, etc.)
Multiple Match Definitions: Automatically identifies multiple match definitions within your data set. Examples: Simultaneously identify and group all records with matching emails, at the same time identify and group all records with similar person and street names in the same zip code.
Multiple deduplication options
Survivorship rules for defining what record or field should remain in the cleansed data set. Example: Keep all records in a matched group with the newest date, and merge all non null emails. Record level traceability of all changes.
Miscellaneous new features; column merge, regular expression builder, etc.
With additional features and knowledgeable customer support, Data Ladder’s DataMatch 2011 provides a simple, world class data quality suite to the business user at an affordable price. For more information please visit
About Data Ladder
Data Ladder is a data quality and cleansing company dedicated to helping you “Get the Most Out of Your Data” through Data Matching, Profiling, Deduplication, and Enrichment.
We strive to keep things simple and understandable in our product offerings to give our customers the best solution and customer service at an excellent price.
Our products are in use across the Fortune 500 and we are proud of our reputation of listening to our customers and rapidly improving our products.

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