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Save time spent on matching lists, removing duplicates, and data cleaning activities by 90%.

Save money on errors and bad mailings. Bad data costs companies billions in errors and lost sales.

Start Now with world class, easy to use, economical data cleansing tools with a free trial.

All Products Compatible with Windows 7|8|XP|Vista|2003

File Formats: Excel (Including 2015), Access (Including 2015), MySQL, Text (.txt, .csv), dBase, ODBC and SQL Server 2000|2003|2005|2008|2010|etc

Import/Export any kind of list including MS Access, Excel, Text Files, MySql and dBase files check Check
Save your work as a DataMatch project to be used again in the future. check check
Import multiple files. Combine, match records, and deduplicate across multiple lists. check check
View your data changes and cleaning in real time, instant feedback on how your selections affect your data set. check check
Manipulate your data with advanced filtering functions like wildcards, and/or, or/not statements check check
Data Quality Software that highlights potential data quality issues like non-printable characters, missing data, mixed numbers and letters, etc check check
Clean your data by applying proper casing (john smith becomes John Smith), removing non printables, and a variety of other cleaning options check check
WordSmith™ functionality identifies and counts unique values in your lists and allows you to replace, delete, or extract values into new fields. Excellent for standardizing large data sets. check check
View duplicates and matches in 3 different report views. check check
WordSmith™ functionality identifies and counts multiple word combinations check check
Proper Casing: Clean up names through proper casing. Change john smith to “John Smith” check check
Email cleaner: Advanced email cleaning finds email errors and automatically suggests correction. check check
Merge and delete duplicates: Merge the most complete information across duplicates, overwrite data from a master to other duplicates, and delete duplicates from your data sets. check check
Fuzzy Matching Software: Set a match threshold (0-100%) and view your matches/duplicates. Match on multiple fields/columns and see the match percentage on each field/column. 4 times faster than any other provider. check check
Cross column matching: Match data across columns. Useful when data entry errors put data in the wrong column. check
Advanced Name Deduplication. Includes over 10,000 common names for standardization when matching. i.e. Danny becomes DANIEL, Abby becomes ABIGAIL, etc. Note original data is not changed. check
Advanced company deduplication. Identifies common company words and replacements. Example Limited becomes Example, Anycompany LLC becomes Anycompany. Original data is not changed. check
Gender identification: Identifies the expected gender of over 15,000 common names (90% of US population covered). Very useful in marketing campaigns. check
Schedule your projects to run once, on a recurring basis, schedule, or when an imported file is updated. check
Pattern Matching Software: Advanced pattern finding and extraction. Using regex wizard quickly identify patterns in text and extract into new fields. Example: Text “3 x 4 x 6” can be extracted into 3 new fields Length = 3, Width =4, and Height = 6 check
Advanced Telephone number matching. Automatically cleans telephone numbers to improve matching capability. Useful when matching international numbers. check
Number of Lists that can be imported simultaneously Unlimited 3
Maximum number of records 1 Million: please contact us for requirements for records over 1 million 500,000
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