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The holiday season is a time when organizations, big and small, are making their lists and checking it twice. They are checking to make sure all their clients and customers receive pertinent emails and receipts, promotions, and of course, holiday greetings.

As a result, their recipients feel like they are important to said company, and remain loyal. But what happens if the company sends out the same email several times to the same recipient because of a misspelling in their name, or because the customer had used their business phone rather than their home phone? That can send out a red flag to the customer about how much attention to detail the organization has.
We’ve come across this issue many times. But what happens when a typographical error happens in other types of situations? What if someone cannot access their shopping account information because a different last name was used? This can severely impact customer service, and frustrate a customer! A customer may have informed a retailer of a name change, and while a customer service rep took notes on the change and made the necessary corrections, a glitch was somehow created, causing issues with duplicate accounts. Or maybe a customer has one account at a retail store, and a different account set up on the ecommerce site.
This can cause major headaches for a customer, especially around the holidays when spending is at an all-time high. The last thing a customer wants is to have several accounts and difficulty tracking where their hard-earned money is spent.
As a data matching software company, we understand the value of being able to deduplicate and use data profiling to problem solve. Yes, our data matching software can offer that Christmas miracle for organizations struggling with data matching and other data quality issues.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Data Ladder!