As the convenience of big data has become a way of life for many companies, they are faced with the maintenance and management of its quality. Since big data is able to hold a lot of information on customers/clients, there is now the larger challenge of managing a massive amount of data on a company’s database.
If data is not maintained and managed properly, it can be futile to the company’s sacred database, and ultimately future business.

Decisions and the Concept of Relativity

When decisions are made, people inadvertently use the concept of relativity, meaning they assign value to something, by comparing it to something else. Unfortunately, people are not born with an innate value barometer that would determine absolute value. This certainly applies to the world of business.
If everyone had a clear picture of what is valuable to them and their preferences were clearly defined, they would not have to use comparison to make these business decisions.

In Terms of Data Quality Management

Just because the president of a company is running a successful business that relies on big data doesn’t mean he knows what is of value when comparing cleansing software and its various properties.
Designing a comparison value chart would help companies make wise decisions for their company big data cleansing needs. For those involved in the specialty of data cleansing software, understanding the value of this task is a no-brainer, but for the company owner who just wants everything to run smoothly and not worry, this comparison chart would be very helpful.
Many companies that have hired an outside company to take care of their big data maintenance may have felt it was very costly. They also may have felt helpless if something went wrong.
Here are six features important to consider with regards to a data quality management tool:
– Cost
– Convenience
– Automatic Updates
– Easy to install
– Works with existing software
– Accuracy
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