Dedupe Excel

Excel spreadsheet application is widely used as a simple data storage tool to manage employee details, client/customer profiles etc. So it is obvious to have duplicate entries in it and need to be identified. The duplicate entries should be deleted every now and then to improve data consistency. Identifying and fixing duplicate data entries in excel application manually is a cumbersome process.

So, it is always a wise approach to choose a excel deduplication software for this purpose. DataLadder’s DataMatch 2009 & DataCleaner Pro gives seamless excel deduplication solutions at affordable cost.


Data Match 2011 dedupe software comes with advanced features like cross column matching, pattern matching, advanced name and company deduplication to ensure data consistency. It also has built-in Data Quality Software to refine the overall quality of the data. So DataMatch 2011 and Data Cleaner Pro proves to be the most effective excel dedupe software at an affordable rate.