With the retail sector being the largest employer in the United States, it contributes approximately $2.5 trillion to annual GDP — and is a daily barometer to the United States economy. The apparel retail portion of this industry is one of the largest and most profitable of the sector. Due to retail’s basic infrastructure, dependence on data to run operations is critical. From supply chain and distribution to operations at the store level, there are many moving parts that contribute to a smooth workflow. In addition, many retail companies have an ecommerce portion that add a substantial portion of sales. In fact, ecommerce sales are anticipated to grow from $263 billion to $414 billion in 2018, growing at a compound rate of 9.5%.
Buckle, a popular denim apparel retailer, recently enlisted the services of Data Ladder to deduplicate and remove dirty data from its customer profile data at the retail store level. They were seeking a more efficient way to reduplicate all of their data, totaling 10 million records. Read the Buckle case study. For more information about Data Ladder’s deduplication software DataMatch, download a free trial today.