Duplicate Records Impact on Sales and Operations
Quick post.
The major issues with duplicate records are often not felt by IT departments.
Typically the every day pain is felt within the heart and soul of a company, it’s sales force and operations. Sales sees firsthand the cost and embarrassment of duplicate customer contacts, mailings, and wasted time trying to decipher which customer number to use for the same customer when multiples exist in the system.
Operations sees the returns, customer complaints, and duplicated effort.
While good IT departments are right on top of the issue, sometimes a reminder is needed, or even the opportunity for sales and operations to take the matter into their own hands with a simple and easy to use software suite like DataMatch.
IT is especially important in realizing the issues that duplicate records have throughout a company. A duplicate customer master can impact the whole company, confusing auditors, new employees, and generally aggravating management from a mistake and reporting perspective.
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