Email Cleaner Software

Handling huge volumes of email transactions is a big challenge. As emails represent the company’s reputation globally , every email should sent & maintained in a proper manner. So its mandatory for every enterprise to deploy an email cleaner software to reduce the burden of cleaning emails.

So a good email cleaner software tool should:

— Check & Suggest corrections for wrong email entries

— Filter different aspects of email addresses

— Detect inaccurate & email addresses

— Identify duplicate email entries

— Check syntax instantly

— Filter wrong emails.


An email cleaner is an automated tool to maintain email structure within an enterprise. The role of an email cleaner software is very important. An email cleaner software tool cross checks every email address entry and suggest corrections for invalid e-mails and they can also automatically correct the wrong e-mail address. The email cleaner tool can filter on different aspects of all the e-mail addresses, identify inaccurate and duplicated email addresses. This email cleaner software checks for syntax instantly on email addresses, and also filter wrong emails