CDI: while an unfamiliar term to those outside the data industry, not paying attention to it could be costing you! Customer Data Integration (CDI) consists of processes and technologies which, when managed properly, consolidates data across your organization. This data is intended to provide you with a consolidated view of your customer’s information.
The difficulty in CDI comes with varying sets of data and how to distinguish what is one customer, for example, or two different customers. This can happen when you have a name with multiple fields, for example, maybe a nickname, middle name, name suffix, or even a maiden name; the more fields, the more complex the information becomes. It can even happen with addresses or emails! If these records aren’t managed correctly, the information will become unusable and obsolete. From ownership to management of the data, there are many issues to blame for a lack of data integration.
Effective CDI techniques will give you perfect results: great data intelligence required to make solid business decisions. Effective CDI practices will not only give you that critical single-view of your customer, but will also help with sharing the data across your organization.
, Ensure Your CDI is a Success

Data can be a very “fuzzy” thing.  Look across your organization and just estimate all the points where customer data is imported. Then consider that behind every machine, there is a wonderfully imperfect human, pecking away at the keyboards, feeding your almost perfect software. That data going in at the direct input of those humans can be seriously flawed. Once that data is entered and swirling around in your files, the mess becomes mixed together… with a thorough and confusing mess out at the other end!
Then those wonderful human beings use that data to provide your bewildered customers some sort of service, based on the confusing data they have available. From there, C-level leaders use that same information to make critical decisions that affect the long-term viability of the company.
What’s important is to focus your energy on what will get you the best results: in this case, a strategic data management plan. When managed properly, your customer information should flow seamlessly, in real time between various divisions of your organization. With this singular picture of your customer, your decision makers at the lowest levels can provide accurate and timely data for a better customer experience or crucial business decisions. Your customers will appreciate the responsiveness and service levels that will be provided at every point of contact.
Ensure you have what you need for great CDI. The results will be appreciated at all levels, but you must be diligent in managing the data. Trust Data Ladder’s CDI experts to help you with your data integration needs.