Data Matching for Music Royalties Company

The company handles the music licensing for many of today’s top recording artists. Managing all the different platforms where their clientele’s music is played is an enormous task due to the popularity of the artists. Every month, the company receives millions of playlists from every platform, from Pandora and Spotify to the thousands of radio stations across the country and around the world. These playlists include names of the artists, song titles, and the number of times the given song was played. The problem is that with so many different platforms, they receive the data in all different formats. Some names may be abbreviated, or there may be punctuation errors. It is vital to link all of the data together accurately, because this is how their clients are paid. The company was using Excel, which is not only time-intensive, but not always accurate. If the company were to lose one client due to inaccuracies, it could cost them a LOT of money due to the client’s high profile.

Music Royalties Case Study