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With the holidays upon us, many retail businesses have taken heed of loyalty cards. What better time for a business to reward their customers than at the holidays. Retail loyalty cards are also a great marketing tool — or better said, a bundle of tools — because of the information that it allows businesses to get.

What do loyalty cards do?
-Loyalty cards facilitate communication between the business and client/customer.
-The retailer can track your purchases, returns, exact products that you purchase.
-Enables the retailer to determine who are their best customers, thus providing special incentives for increased revenue.
-Boost points (and revenue) with in-store promotions.
-The client appreciation factor will make customers buy more.
All of the above starts off with a visit to a retailer. You fill out a very short application, usually all that is asked is your phone number and email, and then you are on the road to collecting points.
As the customer gets the first promotional email, the dialogue has begun. All is fine and dandy — but what happens if another family member opens up another loyalty account under another name but the same phone number? Now you have two accounts, but both are going to the same email, with separate incentives.
Then the issues begin — with a misspelling on the name, or maybe the email has been copied incorrectly. Now the promotional email list is inaccurate. Not only are these errors taking up extra room in your database, but now that same family is getting bombarded with promotional duplicates and incentives — going to the wrong family member!
Why would your business want to alienate loyal customers? You can avoid this nightmare by using one simple product, DataMatch by Data Ladder. This data matching software is your one-stop data cleansing and data matching service.
DataMatch will deduplicate, correct misspelled errors, and match your data, saving you time and money. All of this is done automatically by DataMatch, so you do not have to feed the information manually.
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